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Beyond Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Tech, the SLC Fanboys are connoisseurs of categories surpassing the nerdy. Brilliant opinions and commentary on all things ‘geek’, but surprising knowledge and witty arguments over pop culture, Star Trek, MARVEL vs DC, and a wide range of TV shows. Andy Farnsworth, Adam Thomas and Tysen Webb live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.
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Oct 28, 2016

Andy Farnsworth reviews "Inferno", the new movie based on the book by Dan Brown, starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and directed by Ron Howard.

Andy & Adam Thomas also talk about other book-to-movie adaptations they liked and disliked--including "The Witches", "Gods and Generals", "Ender's Game", "Jurassic Park" and, of course, "Harry Potter".  Andy argues that whatever you do first (book or movie), you're more inclined to like better.

Oct 28, 2016

Big news for those like Adam Thomas who are eagerly anticipating CBS/Paramount's Star Trek Discovery--producer and writer Bryan Fuller is no longer heavily involved in the "troubled" production.

Adam has long argued his doubts the show will premiere in May 2017, especially considering production is supposed to begin in November and they still haven't cast the lead.  So he and Andy Farnsworth have decided to help the producers out by making some decisions for them.

Deadpool 2 is also searching for a new director now that Tim Miller has quit the project.  But don't worry, all you Deadpool fanboys, Ryan Reynolds is still on board and you can bet there will be *at least* one joke in the new movie to poke fun at Miller's exit.

Oct 20, 2016

The SLC Fanboys talk about NBC's new fall show "Timeless" starring Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer & Malcom Barrett.  It's the latest of many shows and movies to use time travel as a storytelling device or plot point.  Andy Farnsworth has enjoyed the first couple of episodes but wonders how often you can play with the timeline before you just have to reset everything.

Andy, Adam Thomas and Tysen Webb also talk about some of the different time travel shows/movies (like "Back to the Future", "Doctor Who" & "Quantum Leap")--including some less-than-spectacular efforts (ahem--"Star Trek Generations", "Hot Tub Time Machine 2")... and a forgotten Disney movie from the 80's that Andy & Adam say actually gets future time travel correct!

Oct 20, 2016

The SLC Fanboys talk their favorite episodes of "The Simpsons" as the long-running animated show (27 years!) recently reached the 600-episode mark.

Adam Thomas and Andy Farnsworth found it hard to trim down to just a few personal faves, but Adam loved both episodes with a certain "logical" guest star... while Andy's favorites involved absurdity and satire.

"The Simpsons" was created by Matt Groening, James L. Brooks & Sam Simon. It stars Dan Castellaneta as Homer, Julie Kavner as Marge, Yeardley Smith as Lisa, and Nancy Cartwright as Bart.

Oct 14, 2016

With Halloween not far away, the SLC Fanboys sit down with Travis & Jimmy...a couple of people behind one Utah's premiere haunted houses--Nightmare on 13th.

Haunted houses are one of SLC Fanboy Tysen Webb's personal faves (remember, this guy had posters of Freddy & Jason in his bedroom growing up!), while Andy Farnsworth would just as soon walk on the other side of the street (thank you very much!)

Nightmare on 13th is famous for its attention to detail (especially in makeup) and the extensive training its actors go through, as well as the impressive animatronics and the overall experience they give patrons.

Oct 13, 2016

Disney has released the final full-length trailer for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." The SLC Fanboys are impressed, to say the least. It's still tough to determine many plot details for sure, but there's new dialogue from Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen), and Director Krennic (Ben Mendolsohn), with an additional appearance from Darth Vader, among others.

The final trailer also features different music, so they're not sure if it's from Michael Giacchino's new score. The SLC Fanboys talk about the release date of December 16, and Andy Farnsworth even gets in a quick defense of the prequel trilogy, bless his heart.

Oct 13, 2016

SLC Fanboys Tysen Webb & Andy Farnsworth got to watch the 15-minute IMAX 3D preview of "Doctor Strange" that Marvel showed to a handful of fans in October. 

Benedict Cumberbatch tries out an American accent (for a change) as Dr. Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon who goes on to become a Master of the Mystic Arts under the tutelage of Tilda Swinton's Ancient One.  Rachel McAdams and Madds Mikkelsen also star in the CG-heavy blockbuster.

Andy & Tysen liked the humor and visuals they got to see, but was there a possible Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity error in the preview?

Oct 7, 2016

"Westworld" is HBO's new reboot of the 1973 movie directed by the late Michael Crichton. SLC Fanboy Adam Thomas is blown away by the premiere episode, which he feels was superbly directed, scripted, edited, and scored.

The TV show takes the original concept behind "Westworld" a bit further. Instead of a movie about a theme park malfunctioning, the HBO series addresses the ideas of reality versus fantasy, and evolution.

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachael Wood, Thandie Newton, and Ed Harris, "Westworld" takes a closer look at the operations and day-to-day lives of the people who run, and populate, a fictional old west town turned amusement park. Imagine the holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation and another Crichton creation- Jurassic Park.

Although the HBO series does not require a background knowledge of the 1973 movie, the movie is a must-see for any sci-fi fan, for the numerous homages and inspirations that came after it.

Oct 6, 2016

DC Comics is doing well in the TV game right now with FOUR shows airing on the CW Network: The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl.

SLC Fanboy Andy Farnsworth sits down with Superman & DC Comics uber-fanboy Don Brinkerhoff to talk about the state of the CW-DC-TV-verse: where the characters find themselves as a new season begins & what we might have to look forward to.

In Part II, Andy & Don talk about the CW network's newest Superhero: Supergirl (aka Kara Zor-El aka Melissa Benoist).  Her show has moved from CBS after 1 season and now fully joins the rest of the DC TV shows on the network where it belongs.  The big news for Season 2 is her cousin Superman (played by Tyler Hoechlin) joins the show--but for how many episodes?  What's up between Kara & (spoiler)? Also, how come there are so many "El's" running around the universe?

(WARNING: Major Season 1 spoilers, minor Season 2 spoilers)

Oct 6, 2016

DC Comics is doing well in the TV game right now with FOUR shows airing on the CW Network: The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl.

SLC Fanboy Andy Farnsworth sits down with Superman & DC Comics uber-fanboy Don Brinkerhoff to talk about the state of the CW-DC-TV-verse: where the characters find themselves as a new season begins.

In Part I, Andy & Don talk about The Flash (starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanaugh, Danielle Panabaker and Jesse L. Martin) with Season 3 now underway, and how Barry's actions at the end of season 2 have set up the "Flashpoint" storyline.

(Warning: Major spoilers for Season 2 and mild spoilers for Season 3)